Fact: motoring costs less than in 1988

* Report draws surprise conclusion * Car prices lower, service requirements less * Road rage increase also revealed...

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Jim Holder
09 July 2008

Fact: motoring costs less than in 1988

The cost of motoring has fallen by 18% over the past 20 years, according to an RAC report.

Taking inflation into account, the report concludes that cars are now cheaper overall and need less money spent on them than they did two decades ago.

However, 60% of the 1116 people surveyed thought that higher costs were the biggest change in motoring since 1988. This is attributed to the fact that fuel prices have risen by 210% in that time.

Road rage
The report also says roads have become more crowded and drivers angrier since 1988.

Nearly a third of those surveyed said they had been victims of road rage which had left them feeling physically threatened.

Half of them also admitted having sworn, gestured rudely and shouted at other drivers.

According to the survey, more than half of drivers think that Britain's roads will be gridlocked in the next 20 years - despite the average annual mileage of drivers dropping from 10,200 miles in 1988 to 9070 miles in 2008.

Other statistics
• 92% said Britain was a car-dependent society
• 92% believe we are more reliant on our cars than in 1988
• 75% want the legal drink-drive limit to be cut.
• 75% of UK households have a car, a rise of 39% since 1988
• 70% of British adults have a driving licence
• 66% of drivers accept 30mph speed limits
• 33% said they went on shorter journeys than they did 20 years ago
• 9% said they never walked anywhere

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