'Fastest of all' plan for new Civic Type-R

* Honda wants Type-R to be king of hot hatches * Plan to set Nurburgring record and be quickest to 62mph * 2.0-litre turbocharged car due on sale in 2015...

'Fastest of all' plan for new Civic Type-R

The next version of the Honda Civic Type-R will be the fastest hot hatch available when it goes on sale in 2015, according to the car's project leader, Suehiro Hasshi.

The new Type-R will come with a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine, which is set to produce more than 276bhp. The chassis, engine and gearbox are all different from the standard Civic's.

Hasshi also said that the forthcoming Type-R will aim to at least match the best in the class in terms of emissions. The old car had problems with meeting emissions standards towards the end of its life, but Honda claims the new model will meet Euro 6 requirements and be up with the best in terms of CO2.

'In terms of CO2 Honda will target the top rivals,' said Hasshi.

There's also a chance a future Type-R will come with a dual-clutch automatic. Hasshi said: 'We believe the transmission system of a high performance model in this segment will have a double-clutch transmission as the mainstream in the future. We are proceeding with the development of that.

'At the moment there is no concrete plan to put a DCT on the Civic Type-R but the component development is ongoing. There is a chance it might happen.'

Hasshi moved to reassure fans of the Honda brand that the move to a turbocharged engine would not spell the end of the brand's characteristic high revving nature.

'Honda was known in the past for its high revving engines. Now we have switched to turbo engines we will try to maintain that status.'