First images: Insignia estate and coupe

* Estate expected to go on sale in 2009 * Coupe is awaiting the go-ahead * EcoFlex engine expected to join range...

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Jim Holder
23 April 2008

First images: Insignia estate and coupe

These computer-generated images show how estate and coupe versions of the Vauxhall Insignia could look.

When the Insignia was unveiled last week, Vauxhall's design director Mark Adams said: 'There will be a couple of other design interpretations'. Vauxhall hasn't said what these will be, but insiders say the estate is almost certain to get the go-ahead, while the coupe's future is still under discussion.

The estate is likely to go on sale in mid- to late-2009, with conservative styling changes to the saloon and a conventional tailgate.

The engine range will probably be taken directly from the saloon's, although a low-CO2 EcoFlex variant may be developed.

The coupe's styling would be based on that of the GTC coupe concept car, which was shown at the Geneva motor show last year. However, as this image shows, it would be substantially toned down.