Flood warning for drivers

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24 November 2009

Flood warning for drivers

Drivers are being warned to take extra care on flooded roads in the aftermath of torrential rain across the UK.

Water damage can write off your car
Cars are extremely susceptible to water damage, with insurance companies warning that this occurs most frequently when drivers attempt to take vehicles through water that's too deep.

Mike Pickard, head of risk for insurer esure, said 'Many motorists drive their cars into trouble by trying to cross water after misjudging its depth.

'It sounds simplistic to say "dont drive into water", but observing that warning could save drivers the hassle and inconvenience of a flooded car that might have to be written off.'

Sewage alert
If sewage and other pollutants get into a car's cabin, the entire vehicle will have to be professionally dried a process that 's usually more expensive than a car's value.

Guidelines for driving in floods
The Institute of Advanced Motorists has issued guidelines for drivers attempting to cross flooded areas.

1) Don't go into water that's obviously too deep. Find an alternative route or wait.
2) If you do drive through water, then choose the highest part of the road and wait until there are no vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.
3) Drive fast enough to create only a small bow wave at the front of the car.
4) Keep going once you've started don't stop.
5) Try to keep the engine revs high to prevent water getting into the exhaust pipe; slip the clutch if you need to.
6) Remember to dry the car's brakes after passing through standing water gently apply them for a few seconds as you drive along.