Fuel strike over - but another's coming

* Striking tanker drivers back at work * Roughly 20% of Shell stations ran dry * One garage started charging 1.99 a litre...

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Jim Holder
17 June 2008

Fuel strike over - but another's coming

The strike affecting fuel supplies to Shell stations has ended, but another four-day strike is still scheduled to begin this Friday.

The dispute is between the union representing tanker drivers supplying Shell stations and the drivers' employers. Talks are continuing, but so far no agreement has been reached in their dispute about pay.

Around one fifth of Shell's 600 fuel stations are reported to have run dry during the strike, although with drivers now back at work it is hoped they will be replenished ahead of any future strikes.

The south-west of England, Cardiff and parts of London and the West Midlands are reported to have been worst hit following outbreaks of panic-buying.

One Devon petrol station began charging 1.99 a litre - more than 9 a gallon - for unleaded and diesel as supplies ran short.

However, it has since reverted to charging 1.20 a litre for petrol and 1.36 for diesel, with a maximum 5 spend, after it was accused of profiteering.