How to spec an Audi Q3

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How to spec an Audi Q3

Thinking about buying an Audi Q3? Good choice, but if you're confused about which is the best Audi Q3 spec to go for, our simple guide will help you.

Best Audi Q3 specs
1 Go for one of the 2.0-litre diesel engines they're flexible, refined and a lot cheaper to run than the petrols. Even the lower-powered, 138bhp diesel is strong enough, but you'll have to go for the 175bhp if you want four-wheel drive or a (semi-) automatic gearbox.

2 Audi Parking System Plus is a must at only 250 - it includes front and rear parking sensors that should help to keep your Q3's bumpers scuff-free.

3 Metallic paint is worth paying 525 for - it'll make the car easier to sell.

4 Tick the box for sat-nav it's a good system and is well-priced at 495.

5 Go for the 305 DAB radio it could help to keep the car's resale value as high as possible.

6 Stick to standard suspension - S line suspension is a no-cost option on S line cars, but the Q3 rides better without it and still handles well.

7 Keep the wheels sensible - optional 19-inch wheels look good, but they also hurt the ride.

8 Audi's Drive Select option isn't worth spending 220 on - you can barely feel any difference when you switch between the settings.

9 Think twice before specifying Samoa orange paint it may date and make the car difficult to sell on.

10 Unlike many panoramic roofs, the Q3's opens, although it's a pricey option at 1100.

We recommend
Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 140 SE 25,065

Audi Parking System Plus 250
DAB radio - 305
Satellite-navigation 495
Metallic paint - 525

Total price:

Audi Q3 discounts
Discounts on the Audi Q3 are larger than you might think. You should be able to haggle just over 1200 off our chosen model, and some internet brokers will knock a few more pounds off.

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By Iain Reid