Masterati Collezione Cento

Masterati Collezione Cento
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Jim Holder
14 Jan 2008 00:20

Despite the credit crunch, Maserati is still finding there are plenty of super-rich people available to send its sales soaring and the Masterati Collezione Cento is the latest attempt to lure them.

Essentially a six-speed automatic Quattroporte with lots of extras, the special edition is limited to one hundred cars and is expected to sell for between $140-150,000 in the USA.

That's around 75,000 - but prices don't translate across the Atlantic quite that simply. You guessed it: we usually end up paying more.

The current range-topper, the V8 Sport GT S, costs 86,000, so expect this one to nudge nearer 100,000 if any of the 100 make it to the UK.

Exterior features include a new ivory paint colour and 20-inch alloy wheels with polished rims.

On the inside, special additions include coloured leather seats, wood inserts on the steering wheel and mother of pearl inlays on the Maserati name on the dash and logo on the gearstick.

Meanwhile, rear-seat passengers can enjoy an entertainment centre that is housed in the centre armrest. It allows them to connect their iPod to the car's stereo, browse the internet and view videos and photos on screens.