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As part of a new series exploring electric mobility in all its forms, we take a look at this single-seater flying 'car', which has a top speed of 63mph...

Jetson One flying car

Is that a flying Ariel Atom? Sadly, the Somerset-based sports car manufacturer hasn’t ventured into the air just yet. But this is just as exciting: it’s the new Jetson One, a motorsport-inspired single-seater eVTOL craft, or flying car to the rest of us.

Jetson, the pioneering company behind the Jetson One, claims to have sold its entire 2022 production, with another 100 sold for 2023 delivery.

The Swedish firm has also secured more than 3000 pre-orders since the official launch of the one-person machine in October last year. 

The Jetson One is a single-seater eVTOL vehicle weighing just 86kg thanks to its lightweight, race-car inspired aluminium space frame and carbon-kevlar body. Powered by eight electric motors it can achieve a top speed of 63mph with an overall flight time of 20 minutes. 

Jetson One flying car

The machine is one of the first eVTOL craft built for personal use, with orders for the Jetson One coming from all corners of the world. The firm’s website lists the hometown or region of each buyer, and it seems particularly popular in California and the Middle East. But it clearly has appeal closer to home: one buyer’s home is listed as Covent Garden in London. So watch the skies about the Royal Opera House soon.

The firm is now looking for new investment and hopes to expand the business throughout 2022 by recruiting new employees.

“It is important for us to find the right investors now as we expand and grow our company." said Jetson co-founder and CTO Tomasz Patan. “We are looking globally for a company that shares our vision.”

The Jetson One costs from $92,000 (£67,525) with a $22,000 deposit and first buyers should expect to receive their vehicles later this year. 

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