More stop-start for autos on the way

* Bosch develops new system for autos * Suitable for more automatics * Improves economy and cuts CO2 by 5%...

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What Car? Staff
30 July 2010

More stop-start for autos on the way

Bosch has developed a new engine stop-start system for use with a wider range of automatic gearboxes.

Although stop-start systems are already available on a small number of automatic cars, the new system is suitable for a broader spectrum of gearboxes.

It can be used with dual-clutch transmissions, such as those used by Volkswagen and Porsche, automated manual gearboxes and more traditional torque converter boxes.

Significant savings?Bosch says the system cuts fuel consumption and emissions by an average of 5%, while around town it can improve efficiency by 8%.

Drivers will not have to take cars out of Drive to use the system, which means Bosch has had to make the restart process faster with modifications to the starter motor and injection systems.