Most (and least) reliable older family SUVs

Buying secondhand will save you money on a family-sized SUV, but you need to pick a dependable one to avoid costly repair bills...

Most and least reliable older family suvs

Family SUVs are among the most popular types of car, and that means there are plenty to choose from. However, if you buy one that's no longer covered by the car maker's warranty, you could be left seriously out of pocket if it develops any serious faults. 

We've compiled a list of the most and least dependable older family SUVs and small SUVs based on information from our latest What Car? Reliability Survey.

As part of the survey, owners were asked to tell us if their vehicle had suffered a fault in the previous 12 months. If it had, we asked them what part of the car was affected, how long it took for the issue to be resolved and, crucially, how much it cost. Using all that information, we're able to give each model a unique reliability rating.

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The seven most reliable older family and small SUVs

7. Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019)

Range Rover Evoque (2011-2019) front three quarters

Reliability rating 72.0%

Although 50% of the Evoques we were told about had suffered a fault, the most common problem areas were minor, including the battery, bodywork and non-engine electrics. Even though they would have been out of warranty, 18% of cars were fixed for free and two thirds of cars were fixed for less than £500. Three quarters of cars could still be driven and more than half were put right in a day or less. 

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6. Land Rover Freelander (2006-2014)

Land Rover Freelander front 3/4 up muddy hill

Reliability rating 75.1%

Far fewer Freelanders (30%) developed a fault, but the main areas concerned were potentially more serious, such as the engine and gearbox. Most cars could still be driven, though, and most were repaired in less than a week. Bills ranged from free to £1000, although most were less than £500.  

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5. Kia Sportage (2011-2016)

Kia Sportage

Reliability rating 82.8%

Owners told us only 20% of previous generation Sportages developed a fault, with most issues affecting the battery and gearbox. An impressive 43% of cars were fixed for free and no bills exceeded £300. Although most cars could still be driven, four out of five were in the garage for more than a week.  

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4. Peugeot 3008 (2009-2016)

Peugeot 3008 1.6 THP 150 Sport front three quarters

Reliability rating 84.3%

Twenty-nine percent of 3008s had a fault, and suspension issues were the most commonly cited problems, followed by the gearbox and non-engine electrics. Although no cars were fixed for free, most repair bills ranged from £50 to £500. Only 25% of owners paid out more than £1500. Half of cars could still be driven, though, and all were back on the road in less than a week.  

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3. Mini Countryman (2010-2017)

Mini Countryman

Reliability rating 87.1%

Only 17% of Countryman owners told us their cars had gone wrong, with the issues split evenly between the bodywork, infotainment and the engine. Repair work wasn’t carried out swiftly – two-thirds of cars were in the workshop for more than a week, and while a third of cars cost less than £200 to fix, two-thirds cost more than £1500 

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2. Vauxhall Mokka petrol (2012-2019)

Vauxhall Mokka X 1.4T Ecotec Elite

Reliability rating 95.2%

If you’re considering buying a Mokka, go for a petrol model, because it’s almost half as likely to suffer a fault as a diesel (15% versus 29%). The brakes and engine cooling system were the only areas to give problems. All cars remained driveable and were fixed in less than a week, with half of the work done for free and half costing £201 to £300.

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1. Audi Q3 (2011-2018)

10: Audi Q3

Reliability rating 96.5%

Only 12% of Q3 owners reported having had any problems with their car in the previous 12 months, and the only areas concerned were engine electrics, the fuel system and suspension. The cars that did go wrong could still be driven and were rectified in a day or less. A third of the repair bills were less than £50 and no owners had to pay out more than £300.

Owner comment: “The quality of materials used inside my Q3 and on the bodywork are top notch compared with most other brands.”

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