Motorway services rip-off highlighted

* Survey compares price of meal for four * M4's Moto services at Reading worst offender * M&S Simply Food shops draw some praise...

Motorway services rip-off highlighted

Motorway service stations are charging more than double the price of supermarkets for meals, according to a new survey.

The research, by traffic information website, investigated more than 60 service stations in England and Wales, and compared the price of a basic lunch for a family of four against the same meal bought at a supermarket, where it cost 12.24.

The worst performing service stations were:
1 M4 Moto WHS, J11-12 at Reading 26.68
2 M4 Moto WHS, J47 at Swansea 25.72
3 M6 Moto WHS, J35-36 at Burton-in-Kendal 25.72
4 M5 Welcome Break, J21-22 at Sedgemoor North 25.56
5 M4 Moto WHS, J2-3 at Heston 25.32
6 M4 Moto WHS, J13 at Chieveley 25.32
7 M4 Moto WHS, J17-18 at Leigh Delamere 25.32
8 M4 Moto WHS, J33 at Cardiff 25.32
9 M5 Moto WHS, J24 at Bridgewater 25.32
10 M40 Moto WHS, J10 at Cherwell Valley 25.32

The survey also criticised the fact that the retailers didn't sell the same products across their stores, that only 11 of the shops tested sold fruit, and that many only offered larger packets of crisps.

Only M&S's Simply Food shops at Moto Service Stations got any praise, for having a consistent range of products and sandwiches that were up to 1.44 cheaper than those offered in WH Smiths outlets on the same sites.