New Kia Stinger vs used BMW 5 Series: which is best?

Kia’s striking new Stinger has been causing quite a stir in the new car market, but is it good enough to tear you away from a used BMW 5 Series?...

New Kia Stinger vs used BMW 5 Series

New Kia Stinger vs used BMW 5 Series – alternatives

For those who aren’t bothered by rear-wheel drive, you could always go for a front-wheel-drive VW Arteon. Like the Kia Stinger it has more impressive styling over its traditional saloon rivals and a well-finished interior to make it feel more premium. It’s good to drive and you've got a choice of some sweet petrol engines or a couple of diesel versions with lots of torque.

New Kia Stinger vs used BMW 5 Series – alternatives

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe is our current used executive car of the year because it is good to drive, has a range of lusty engines, a classy interior and an excellent infotainment system. You can pick an example that’s a couple of years old for considerably less than it was new, making a 4 Series Gran Coupe great value.

New Kia Stinger vs used BMW 5 Series – which is best?

If you’re the sort to get hung up on badge snobbery, you'll probably have read the title and then made your mind up on the spot to dismiss the Stinger outright and plump for the 5 Series as the winner. To not consider the Kia Stinger is a great shame because it is a highly likeable car in its own right and, in many ways, it does beat the BMW. It’s fun to drive, great to behold and extremely well-equipped. That it can’t quite match the BMW 5 Series for premium touches on the inside is more down to being over £10,000 less to buy as a new purchase and the compromises that this inevitably brings.

But you can’t be blamed for going for the 5 Series, though; it was the 2017 What Car? Car of the year, after all. It’s better for rear-seat passengers and the boot is bigger in terms of total volume. The engine is more refined and is more efficient overall. Plus, you save a decent chunk of money by buying a lightly used 5 Series anyway, which could be the deciding factor for some buyers.

Kia Stinger review

BMW 5 Series review

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