New Lambo: another photo, more details

* Third teaser picture * Still no official details * Front-engined, four-seater?...

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What Car? Staff
25 September 2008

New Lambo: another photo, more details

This is the third teaser photo of a new Lamborghini that will be unveiled at next week's Paris motor show.

Once again, it gives very little away about what type of car it will be, and Lamborghini continues to refuse to make any official comment. On it

The latest suggestion is that it'll be a new front-engined, four-seater model that will be priced at around 200,000, making it a competitor for the upcoming Aston Martin Rapide.

It's expected to be powered by a V12 engine and have four-wheel drive.

Lamborghini hasn't produced a four-seater car since the Espada of 1978.