New Mini Electric & Peugeot e-208 vs Renault Zoe: verdict

Has our small electric car champion, the Renault Zoe, been superseded by the new Mini Electric or Peugeot e-208? Time to find out...

Mini Electric vs Peugeot e-208 vs Renault Zoe front static

Our verdict

With all of our contenders picking up at least one five-star rating in the 16 individual areas we judge, it could have been a very close test. The trouble is that one of our trio picked up even more two-star ratings. And that car is the Mini. Sure, it’s classy inside, is the quickest and in part feels fun to drive, but the range is poor, the ride is too hard and it isn’t very practical.

So, with the Mini taking last place, it’s a battle between the e-208 and Zoe. The e-208 is more comfortable, feels posher inside and is very refined, but the Zoe is a fraction roomier and has an even better range. It’s a tough one, and in many ways which is better comes down to your own personal priorities.

Given that these are small cars and not executive models, however, we suspect the e-208’s decent range will be plenty for most people, and its faster charging rate means less time waiting while you top up the battery.

Then there’s safety. The e-208’s four-star rating may not be stellar, but it is based on the latest testing criteria, and you do at least get some vital crash avoidance kit as standard. The fact that AEB – a system that we feel should be fitted to every new car – isn’t currently available on the Zoe is the tipping point that hands victory to the e-208.

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1st – Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208 front studio

For Cushioning ride; quiet cruising manners; appealing interior; fastest charging
Against Sluggish infotainment; small rear doors; visibility could be better

Recommended options Metallic paint (£545)

What Car? rating Five stars out of five

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2nd – Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe front studio

For Best range; most affordable; big boot; best for rear seat space
Against No AEB; tightest front head room; wind noise at speed; slowest; plenty of lean in bends

Recommended options Metallic paint (£560)

What Car? rating Four stars out of five

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3rd – Mini Electric

Mini Electric front studio

For Strongest performance; best for interior quality; spacious up front; best infotainment
Against Poor range; firm ride; small boot; three-door only; limited wet-weather grip

Recommended options None available

What Car? rating Three stars out of five

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Specifications: Mini Electric Level 2

Mini Electric rear studio

Engine Electric motor
List price £29,900*
Target Price £29,900*
Monthly PCP cost £394**
Peak power 181bhp
Peak torque 199lb ft
Gearbox Single-speed automatic
0-60mph 7.2sec
30-70mph 6.0sec
Top speed 93mph
30-0mph 11.8m
70-0mph 64.3m
Official range 145 miles
Electricity cost per 12,000 miles £520 (est)
CO2 emissions 0g/km

Specifications: Peugeot e-208 Allure

Peugeot e-208 rear studio

Engine Electric motor
List price £29,750*
Target Price £29,463*
Monthly PCP cost £387**
Peak power 134bhp
Peak torque 192lb ft
Gearbox Single-speed automatic
0-60mph 8.5sec
30-70mph 8.2sec
Top speed 93mph
30-0mph 10.9m
70-0mph 57.0m
Official range 217 miles
Electricity cost per 12,000 miles £490 (est)
CO2 emissions 0g/km

Specifications: Renault Zoe R135 GT Line

Renault Zoe rear studio

Engine Electric motor
List price £32,120*
Target Price £29,549*
Monthly PCP cost £321**
Peak power 133bhp
Peak torque 181lb ft
Gearbox Single-speed automatic
0-60mph 9.2sec
30-70mph 9.0sec
Top speed 87mph
30-0mph 10.4m
70-0mph 59.0m
Official range 238 miles
Electricity cost per 12,000 miles £460 (est)
CO2 emissions 0g/km

*Before £3000 government grant **Based on 36 months with a £3000 deposit and 10,000-mile annual limit
Weather conditions Wet

Cars pictured

Mini Electric Level 2 with White Silver paint

Peugeot e-208 Allure with Elixir Red paint and sat-nav (£650)

Renault Zoe R135 GT Line with Celadon Blue paint (£560)