Parents need driving lessons

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Parents need driving lessons

Parents should take a driving lesson or two before teaching their teenagers to drive, says the What Car? Driving School. This would give parents an updated understanding of the Highway Code, and knowledge of the skills required by the new test.

The financial crisis has prompted many parents to shun professional driving lessons with driving instructors and play the teacher role themselves, but in the majority of cases parents knowledge is out of date.

What Car? Driving School is the only national driving school that encourages parents to participate in initial lessons or to take guidance sessions with their teenagers instructor.

With over 45% of UK drivers likely to fail the current driving test it is all too clear that these drivers need a refresher driving lesson or two to ensure they do not pass on their bad habits to their teenagers, said Paul Atkinson, What Car? Driving School managing director.

Parents typical bad habits

• Approach junctions too quickly
• Rush observations
• Incorrect use of speed
• Drive too close to the vehicle in front
• Dont use mirrors enough

'What Car? Driving School recommends that every teenager learning to drive gets as much road experience as possible with their parents when they are safe to do so, but this should be supplementary to professional driving lessons with the highest-quality ADI driving instructors,' said Atkinson.

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