Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS review

  • Four-wheel-drive 911 driven
  • Priced from 83,145
  • On sale now
Words ByChas Hallett

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This is the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, a well-equipped, four-wheel-drive version of the current (997) 911.

It's also a last hurrah for the current 911 because it's being replaced early in the new year. This one, though, will continue to be sold until Carrera 4 versions of the all-new 911 go on sale in around a year's time.

What's it like to drive? As terrific as the rear-wheel-drive Carrera 2 GTS well, almost. As in the regular Carrera 4, you lose a little steering precision due to the fact that some of the power is being sent to the front wheels. However, it's countered by the reassurance of added all-weather traction.

Elsewhere it's spot-on. Even though this incarnation is about to be axed it still feels like one of the world's great sports cars.

It threads down tight, twisty roads like few other cars and feels blisteringly quick in any gear, plus you can lean on it with huge confidence.

Downsides are that the weight distributed towards the back still leads to the characteristic 911 nose bobbing when the roads get lumpy.

The car also throws up lots of tyre noise at cruising speeds, a failing that we already know the new 911 cures.

What's it like inside? Standard 911 again, which is no bad thing. It's snug, comfortable and impressively well made.

The usual caveats apply, of course: shoulder space isn't great, and while those rear seats are incredibly useful as extra stowage areas, they're precious little use for carrying adult passengers.

Should I buy one? This is the million-dollar question.

For now, this is the only normal four-wheel-drive 911 that you can buy and we hold the GTS model in high regard.

However, as we know that a brand new and much improved car is just around the corner, it wouldn't be a wise investment unless you can get a healthy discount. Or you simply can't wait for the all-new Carrera 4.

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