Renault 20 TS – Rewind Wednesday

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the What Car? Awards, we look back at our inaugural winner, the Renault 20 TS...

Renault 20 TS – Rewind Wednesday

How much do they cost now?

Unlike its predecessor, the R16, the 20 TS never became a sought-after classic. As a result, prices are still affordable.

Focusing on the 20 TS models only (there are less-sought-after 20 TLs on the market), £3000 is the entry point for something a little rough around the edges but perfectly roadworthy. £5000-£7000 buys you something genuinely lovely – we saw a mint 1981 rebuilt 20 TS in blue for £5500.

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Rather something more modern?

There are plenty of excellent-quality used executive cars on sale today, including a lot of surprisingly affordable options. Here, we count down the top 10 for less than £5000 – and reveal the models to avoid.

Best used executive cars for less than £5000

10. Lexus IS


Renault 20 TS – Rewind Wednesday

Buy an IS and you’ll get a sharp-looking and beautifully made executive saloon. Not only does Lexus consistently feature at the top of customer satisfaction and reliability surveys, the IS is often the model that tops the lists. True, it’s not the most exciting car to drive, but the interior is laden with kit and the finish is very impressive. This second-generation car certainly looks the part.

We found 2007 IS250 SE, 73,000 miles, full service history, £5000

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9. Citroën C5


Renault 20 TS – Rewind Wednesday

It might seem like a left-field choice – after all, the C5 was never one of the best-selling or most popular executive cars – but that doesn’t mean this soft-riding and spacious saloon should be overlooked on the used market. There are bargains to be had and what you’ll get for your money is an immensely comfortable and impressively refined motorway cruiser with more than enough room for the family.

We found 2010 1.6 HDI VTR+, 55,000 miles, full service history, £4995

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8. Honda Accord


Renault 20 TS – Rewind Wednesday

The thing to remember about the Accord is that it’s a much better car than its looks and image would lead you to believe. It’s beautifully made, for starters, with an exemplary reliability and customer satisfaction rating. In addtion, all models have a healthy supply of standard equipment and safety kit. It’s good to drive, too, with nimble handling and a spacious interior. What’s not to like?

We found 2007 2.0 VTEC SE, 48,000 miles, full service history, £4995

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Renault 20 TS – Rewind Wednesday