Test candidates told to ignore strikes

* Driving Standards Agency hopes tests will run * Candidates who turn up will take written test * Those who don't show up must re-book test...

Test candidates told to ignore strikes

Driving test candidates are being urged to turn up for their exams, despite the threat of strike action by examiners during the Easter period.

The examiners, who are members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union, are expected to go on strike on Thursday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 25.

A Driving Standards Agency (DSA) spokesman said: 'Not all examiners are members of the PCS union, and even if they are, they may still turn up for work.

'We therefore want candidates to attend so that practical tests can be delivered if possible. Theory tests are not affected and will take place as planned.'

If no examiner is available for a test, a new date will automatically be re-booked by the DSA and the candidate will be sent an expenses form along with details of the new test.

If candidates fail to turn up, they will not be able to claim expenses if their tests are cancelled and they will need to re-book their own tests.