What Car? relaunches video road tests

* New style of video road tests * Bringing a more personal style * On whatcar.com and YouTube...

What Car? relaunches video road tests

What Car? is pleased to announce the relaunch of its video road tests, with a new, more personal style of presenting.

The new videos are presented by one of our experienced group of road testers from start to finish, and aim to help the buying public be even more informed when choosing their next car.

The videos can be found on whatcar.com alongside our comprehensive written road tests, and they will also be found on YouTube.

The first videos feature some of the most popular cars on whatcar.com, and we will continue to film new models on a regular basis.

As well as single-car road tests, we will continue to produce our Long Term Test video blogs and our Reader Test Team videos.

Head here to see the first of our new videos.

BMW 3 Series
Nissan Qashqai
Hyundai i30

By Tom Webster