What other electric cars have we driven?

* Affordable and practical * Range of 60-75 miles * Still has some problems, though...

What other electric cars have we driven?
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What Car? Staff
1 May 2009 10:30

What other electric cars have we driven?
If you've got 87,100 to spare then you can have the Tesla Roadster, which offers blistering pace of 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds, and a handy, if not optimistic, range of 227 miles. There are only two seats, though, so not the green family car you could be looking for.

The MicroVett Fiat Doblo is faster than the C1 Ev'ie - and bigger. It will carry up to five people, can reach 75mph and has a range of 93 miles in town. Unfortunately it costs upwards from 44,000.

A li-ion powered G-Wiz will cost you 15,795 while the standard version is 7995. Both can reach 51mph, with the range on the standard car set at 48 miles and 75 miles for the li-ion version.

There's also the Nice MegaCity, which can reach 40mph, has a 60mile range and costs 12,064. Unfortunately both are based on quadricycles and don't have to attain the same safety standards as cars.