What's it like to be in?

* Cloth roof drops in 15 seconds * Costs from 29,975 * On sale May...

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27 Feb 2009 07:53 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

What's it like to be in?
Perhaps the biggest surprise is that, unlike its key rival the 3 Series Convertible, the A5 has a cloth roof. Audi argues that a well-engineered soft top can offer the same refinement as a metal one, take up less boot space, give sleeker lines and fold away quicker.

We're not going to argue. The A5's roof drops out of sight in just 15 seconds and can be raised or lowered at up to 31mph; the 3 Series' roof folds slower and only at a standstill.

The A5's cabin is civilised, too; there's little buffeting with the roof down and it's quiet when it's up, especially with the extra insulation of the acoustic hood, which is standard on S line models and a 210 option for SE versions.

No arguments over practicality, either the A5's boot is an impressive 320 litres with the roof folded and it's long and wide.

Folding the rear seats give a handy 750-litre space. People are just as well catered for, with enough head- and legroom for four six-footers to sit in decent comfort. Elsewhere the cabin is standard A5, so it's solid and classy.