2013 Los Angeles motor show - our star cars

* Our pick of the cars at the LA motor show * All likely to be coming to the UK * Includes models from Jaguar and Porsche...

2013 Los Angeles motor show - our star cars

The 2013 Los Angeles motor show might have to play second fiddle to the Tokyo show that runs at the same time, but the US show has hosted a few exciting global debuts. Here's our pick of the models that are likely to be on our roads in the coming years.

BMW 4 Series Convertible 
The BMW 4 Series Convertible looks slightly coupe-esque because it comes with a metal folding roof.
Prices start at £36,675 for the 420d version. There will be two petrol engines and one diesel when it goes on sale on March 8 next year.

Ford Edge
Ford hasn’t sold a large SUV in the UK for several years. The Edge Concept gives us a first look at what it will look like when it comes to Europe in 2017.

The looks are likely to be tweaked between now and then, but it's unlikely to look radically different; Ford’s global policy means America and Europe will get the same car.

Jaguar F-type Coupe
Jaguar unveiled the F-type Coupe the night before the show at a spectacular event that concluded with the 550bhp R model being driven at 90mph through a hangar.

The Coupe should be better to drive than the already talented Convertible. It has a stiffer bodyshell, more sophisticated electronics and, in the case of the supercharged V8 model, more power. It’s also significantly cheaper than the equivalent Convertible, to the tune of just over £7000.

Mercedes GLA45 Concept
The GLA45 Concept may not be the most photographed car on the Mercedes stand (that honour will surely fall to the stunning AMG Vision Gran Turismo). However, the GLA45 Concept is almost production-ready, whereas the Vision GT is pure fantasy.

The GLA45 comes with a 355bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine good enough for a 0-62mph time of less than 5.0sec.

Don’t expect all of the garish decoration of the show car to be available on the final production model, but the large wheelarches, spoilers and air intakes are likely to make it.

Porsche Macan
The Porsche Macan was officially unveiled in much the same manner as the Jaguar F-type Coupe - at a glamourous preview show the night before the show kicked off.

The new small SUV was made to look even more compact by being introduced by statuesque tennis player and Porsche ambassador Maria Sharapova.

One thing that isn’t particularly small is the price tag. The Macan works out at around £4000 more than the equivalent rival BMW X3, but you do get the usual high quality Porsche interior and fit and finish.

There will be two petrol engines and one diesel at launch, including a 394bhp 3.6-litre V6 Macan Turbo, which cracks 0-62mph in 4.8sec. Prices start at £43,300.

Subaru Legacy Concept
Subaru has a rather unfortunate reputation for revealing exciting with concepts and then following them up with lacklustre production cars, or not following them up at all.

Hopefully this won’t happen with the Legacy concept, being shown for the first time in LA. At the moment, however, there are few indications as to whether it will be made or whether it will come to the UK.

From our point of view, though, a production version will give the Japanese firm a much needed image and tech boost, and could be a formidable rival to the Mondeo class. It could even challenge the likes of the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 if that smart interior makes it into production.