Are accidents written in the stars?

* Survey studies 700,000 accidents * League table of drivers' star signs compiled * Attributes of star signs reflect accident rates...

Are accidents written in the stars?

A survey of more than 700,000 accidents during a five-year period has revealed that a driver's star sign may affect the likelihood of them having an accident.

The research, by Co-operative Insurance, showed that the temperamental qualities attached to each star sign by astrologers may be highlighted by the number of car accidents they are involved in.

Sagittarius and Scorpio drivers are the least likely to be involved in an accident, something that astrologers would put down to the determination and cheerfulness that predominates in the star sign.

Aries was the worst-performing star sign, being responsible for nearly 9% of all road accidents. Astrologers say that Ariens have a natural 'me first' attitude that could contribute to dangerous impulsiveness on the road.

However, David Neave, the Co-operative Insurance's Director of General Insurance, insisted that there were no plans to link insurance premiums to star signs.

He said: 'Although this survey yields some surprising results, consumers can rest assured that Co-operative Insurance will not be considering adding 'star sign' to our list of rating factors in the future.'

Least-likely star signs to be involved in an accident
1 Sagittarius
2 Scorpio
3 Libra
4 Leo
5 Virgo
6 Aquarius
7 Capricorn
8 Pisces
9 Cancer
10 Taurus
11 Gemini
12 Aries