New Range Rover Velar vs Audi SQ5 vs Porsche Macan

Packing a powerful petrol V6, the hottest Range Rover Velar aims to be the best sports SUV. However, the Audi SQ5 and Porsche Macan will have a thing or two to say about that

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Audi SQ5 rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

There’s lots of room in the front of all three, but the Macan has the most head and leg room, so taller drivers will feel the least hemmed in. In the rear, the Velar is the best, with the most head and leg room. Even so, taller people will still have their knees a little too close to the front seatbacks. The Macan’s tight rear leg room means it’s the most cramped in the rear, though.

The SQ5 has the biggest boot, with space for nine carry-on suitcases beneath its load cover. The Velar and Macan are tied on seven, but the Velar’s boot is a bit longer and has the longest load area of all with the rear seats down.

Folding these can only be done from the rear seat area unless you pay Β£105 for remote releases in the boot, which is disappointing given that the much cheaper SQ5 gets these handles as standard. Still, they’re not even an option on the Macan, which doesn’t have reclining rear seats, either. These are standard on the SQ5 and Velar, while the SQ5’s rear seats can even be slid back and forth to prioritise boot space or leg room.

An advantage of air suspension is the ability to lower the cars for loading heavy items. The Velar does this when you turn its engine off, while in the other two you need to press a button in the boot. Plus, all three cars come with a powered tailgate as standard.

Audi SQ5

Even with the rear bench slid back to prioritise rear leg room, the SQ5 has by far the biggest boot. Handy nets stop smaller items from sliding about and the load area is a uniform shape.

Boot 550-1550 litres Suitcases 9

Porsche Macan

The Macan has the smallest boot, although it’s still a reasonable size. A standard 40/20/40 split for the folding rear seats helps practicality and there are a few tie-down points, too.

Boot 500-1500 litres Suitcases 7

Range Rover Velar

On paper, the Velar looks to have the most spacious boot here. This is down to how Range Rover measures it, though; in reality, it’s barely any bigger than the Macan’s.

Boot 632-1690 litres Suitcases 7

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