The best used Mercedes' you can buy

The three-pointed star is an illustrious badge, but one that can be quite affordable if you buy used. Here are the top 10 used Mercedes models you can buy...

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Say the word 'Mercedes' out loud – you feel a little more posh now, right? Well, that's what around 100 years of world-renowned class, luxury and style does to a brand and, unsurprisingly, many car buyers want a piece of that prestige. 

Of course, some are willing to remortgage their home in order to get their hands on a Mercedes, but we'll call that plan B. No, what you want is a great deal and that's where the used market steps in. There are plenty of reasonably priced Mercedes models to choose from – everything from family cars to luxury SUVs – so we've compiled a list of your top 10 options.

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