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Car of the Year Awards 2022: Best estate car to drive

While estates lack the fashionable status of SUVs, they’re more practical. But an estate also needs to be a pleasure to spend time in, and easy to live with beyond the simple virtue of space...

Best estate car to drive

BMW 3 Series Touring 320i M Sport Pro Package

Car of the Year 2022 - MotorEasy

Anyone who drifts their shopping trolley sideways between supermarket aisles, or takes the racing line when mowing the lawn, will know that injecting such fun makes a chore far less burdensome. The BMW 3 Series Touring channels that exact hypothesis.

Such is its nimble handling and lack of body lean in fast bends that if you hadn’t just disgorged an old chest of drawers from it, you could be forgiven for forgetting that it’s an estate car at all. The Audi A4 Avant is nothing like as much fun to drive, and while that car has a smoother ride, the 3 Series’ M Sport Pro Package (which we recommend) adds an adaptive suspension system that improves comfort without compromising its cornering ability.

BMW 3 Series Touring Across Front Seats

You’ll fit four fewer carry-on suitcases in the back than the Skoda Superb Estate can take, but we do like the 3 Series Touring's handy flip-up rear window, which lets you chuck in small items without opening the main tailgate.

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