The best estate cars in 2023

Above all, an estate car needs to be practical, but the best models are also comfortable, well equipped and affordable to run. Here we reveal our top 10 buys – and the estates to steer clear of...

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Estate cars are great for shifting stuff, and can make fine family transport, because they tend to offer more boot space than the saloons and hatchbacks on which they're based.

However, the best examples of the breed are more than just big; the load area has to be a practical shape, allow easy access and make it possible to secure smaller items. Plus, the rear seats must be simple to fold flat.

Estate cars are often used for business as well as family motoring, so they also need to combine a spacious, comfortable and well-equipped interior with low running costs and an enjoyable drive. And they need to do all that for an affordable price.

Here we've named our top 10 recommendations – and the estate cars to avoid.

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