Deal of the Day: BMW Z4

Save over £7500 on BMW Z4 20i sDrive 2dr Nav Auto...

10 December 2015

Deal of the Day: BMW Z4

The BMW Z4 is facing a difficult time in its product cycle. As one of the longest-standing cars in its class, old age has brought a problem or two to the Z4.

In spite of the difficulties, the Z4 is still a decent competitor to the Audi TT and Mercedes-Benz SLK, if not class-leading, so the £7599 saving to be made here should soothe some of those niggles a little.

The car BMW Z4 20i sDrive 2dr Nav auto
The saving £7599
The discounted price £26,085
The online broker


The Z4 comes with lots of standard kit, including dual-zone climate control, leather seats, Bluetooth and USB connectivity and automatic xenon headlights, so there’s a lot on offer for your money. The version on offer has sat-nav too.

The cabin of the Z4 is best-in-class and has a real quality feel to it; it’s as solidly put together as they come. The folding roof mechanism is smooth and quick, too.

The best thing about this particular Z4 is the suspension. The standard set-up is smooth, without sacrificing grip or agility. The M Sport set-up ruins the ride.


With the Z4’s age comes a Euro NCAP crash test rating of just three stars, which is in part down to BMW’s failure to fit autonomous braking safety systems to the Z4. Official status aside, the stability control and four airbags provide some level of safety, if not the class's best.

Another small drawback is that the 20i sDrive isn’t the fastest. In 2.0-litre 20i format it can’t keep up with the Audi TT, and the four-cylinder engine isn’t as satisfyingly throaty as the six-cylinder unit.

Should I add any options?

Given the Z4’s limited practicality, the £175 extended storage pack could make living with it a little easier. Other options are down to personal taste, but the £550 metallic paint adds some pizzazz to a dull range of standard colours.

Avoid the M Sport suspension, especially given that BMW charges £970 in order to make your car much less comfortable while adding no sporting appeal.

What now?

Head over to and select BMW and Z4 – roadster from the drop-down menus, then find the 20i sDrive 2dr Nav