Electric Car Awards 2023: Best used electric performance car

With electrified cars now coming in all shapes and sizes – and available to suit every budget – we’ve named the best models in every class. Here we look at the best used electric performance car...

WINNER: Best used electric performance car

Porsche Taycan 4S Performance Battery Plus

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It may sacrifice some practicality over the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, but the regular Porsche Taycan is just as classy inside and almost as sublime to drive. Not only that, but it’s around £10,000 cheaper as a used buy.

You’ll find used Taycans are most affordable in 4S guise, because this variant was first to market. It arrived before the Cross Turismo and even the entry-level rear-wheel-drive Taycan. The closely related Audi E-tron GT turned up later, too, so while it’s a cheaper new buy, it hasn’t had a chance to shed as much value.

Porsche Taycan rear

The standard Taycan 4S has a battery with a usable capacity of 71kWh, but we’d recommend looking for one fitted with the optional-from-new Performance Battery Plus (83.7kWh), with its longer range and extra power. Getting your hands on one of these isn’t difficult, either. Used, they’re no pricier than the standard 4S, so there’s no need to settle for less performance and a shorter range.

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