Ford cuts prices by up to 11%

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Ford cuts prices by up to 11%

Ford is to cut the price of its Fiesta, Focus, Ka and Kuga models by up to 11% from August 2.

The company says the cuts are to bring greater 'transparency' to its showroom prices, which have traditionally been heavily discounted when buyers haggle and follow an earlier round of reductions this year.

Ford says it now wants the list prices to be closer to what the customer actually pays.

Such a move should make it easier for customers to compare Ford's vehicles with those of other manufacturers.

The What Car? Target Price will in any event continue to show the most you should pay for any new car.

Move to attract company car buyers
Ford also hopes the new prices will make its products more attractive to company car drivers, who pay tax based on the car's list price.

Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, said: 'The traditional way that the car industry has operated in the UK with high recommended list prices matched to high discounts is causing confusion for consumers.

'Together with our dealer partners we are determined to change that formula and make the whole purchase process more transparent and the value of Ford cars more obvious.'

How much can you save
Here are how some of the post-August 2 prices compared with our Target Price figures.

August 2 savings
Ford Ka Studio
Current price:
August 2 price: 7996
Current What Car? Target Price: 8001

Ford Fiesta Studio
Current price:
August 2 price: 9995
Current What Car? Target Price: 9621

Ford Focus Zetec
Current price:
August 2 price: 15,545
Current What Car? Target Price: 13,144