Ford Verve

Ford Verve

This is the final chapter in the Verve trilogy, with the three concept cars that have now been displayed all showing small car models for three different markets.

First, there was the three-door hatchback, shown at last year's Frankfurt motor show, which showed how the Fiesta that is destined for Europe could look.

Then, the four-door saloon broke cover at last year's Guangzhou motor show in China, exhibiting the design that will go on sale throughout Europe.

In Detroit, there's a four-door hatchback that will form the basis of a small car for the American market, which the company says will be on sale by 2010.

Featuring details such as a panoramic glass roof, 18-inch alloy wheels and pillarless side windows, the American Verve concept car follows the trends set by its predecessors.

It is viewed as particularly significant in the USA, because the small car market is booming, with estimates suggesting it will be 25% larger by 2012.

In addition, Ford has brought the original Verve concept car to Detroit and is eagerly seeking the opinions of anyone that looks at it, as it tries to weigh up whether it could be put on sale as another small car.