Granny does 111mph - on a roof rack!

* New clamping system tested * Speed run at Bovingdon Airfield * Roof rack also independently tested...

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Jim Holder
16 May 2008

Granny does 111mph - on a roof rack!

The makers of a new roof rack have demonstrated how safe it is by strapping a dummy dressed as a granny to a surfboard on top of it, and then driving along at 111mph.

The test, at Bovingdon Airfield, was undertaken by the makers of the XRack to demonstrate its unique new clamping system, which straps the rack to all four corners of the roof.

The test was a success - Granny didn't fall off - but just in case you aren't convinced, the rack has also been independently tested by MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association).

It is available in two sizes, priced at 34.95 and 44.94.