Least reliable small SUVs

Small SUVs are the cars everyone wants to be seen in. Find out which are the most – and least – reliable models in our round-up...

Used cars of the week: Nissan Juke from 8500

The least reliable small SUVs

3. Nissan Juke (2010-2019)

Reliability rating 94.2%

The fact that a car as dependable as the Juke is in the bottom three is a reflection of the strong reliability record of the small SUV class as a whole. Only 15% of Jukes went wrong, with issues split evenly between the battery, exhaust, gearbox/clutch, interior trim and non-engine electrics.

More than three-quarters of the cars remained driveable and two-thirds were put right in less than a week. Around 20% of work was done for free, while bills for non-warranty work ranged from less than £50 to £1000.

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2. Suzuki Vitara (2015-present)

Suzuki Vitara

Reliability rating 97.6%

Almost 20% of Vitaras had a problem, with non-engine electrical systems the most common culprit. Other areas of concern included the brakes, bodywork and gearbox/clutch. Four out of five afflicted cars could still be driven and two-thirds were repaired in less than a week.

Three-quarters of work was done under warranty, but a small percentage of owners shelled out more than £1500.

Honda HR-V front three quarters

Reliability rating 90.2%

Honda’s smallest SUV has suffered more than its fair share of faults, with 23% of cars going wrong and problems occurring in 10 different areas. More than half of the afflicted cars could still be driven, but one in five languished in a garage for more than a week. Although 95% were put right for free, some owners faced bills of up to £200.

Owner’s view: “The car is driveable, but it’s been into the garage three times for an engine problem that hasn’t been resolved.”

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