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Most and least reliable small SUVs

Small SUVs have taken over from hatchbacks as the top choice for many motorists, but how do you pick a dependable one? Here we list the most and least trustworthy...

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For many people, small SUVs are the cars to be seen in. However, you don't want to be seen stranded by the side of the road in one, and if you pick a model that's prone to faults that's just what could happen.  

That's why we've used the data from the What Car? Reliability Survey, conducted in association with MotorEasy, to reveal the most dependable small SUVs, and the ones that are more likely to let you down.

To get the lowdown on all the latest cars, we asked almost 25,000 people if their cars had suffered any faults in the past two years. For those that had, we asked how long the car was off the road and how much it cost to repair.

It's these last two criteria that can make a difference between a car suffering a small problem or causing major disruption to your day, so we've used them to rate 248 different models from 32 brands.

Looking exclusively at the results for cars aged up to five years old, here we list the 10 most dependable models – and the three to avoid.