New BMW X2 vs used Porsche Macan: which is best?

A new BMW X2 is a very sporty SUV, but can it beat a used Porsche Macan for similar money?...

New Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 vs Porsche Macan

New BMW X2 vs used Porsche Macan – alternatives

Now, we’re not supposed to confuse the Cupra Ateca with the Seat Ateca on which it is based, especially when it comes fitted with a turbocharged 296bhp 2.0-litre engine that’ll launch it from 0-62mph in 5.2sec. And all for a similar amount of money to a slower X2. What’s more, the Ateca gets standard adaptive suspension, meaning you can switch between a softer, more comfort-oriented setting on rough roads, and a sport mode for better body control through winding back roads.

New BMW X2 vs used Porsche Macan – alternatives

The Macan is an excellent-handling Sports SUV, but it’s hardly the most practical. If you want a balance between the two, look for a Jaguar F-Pace because it has a bigger boot, more head room for passengers in the back, and it’s rather nice to drive. 

New BMW X2 vs used Porsche Macan – which is best?

While the BMW X2 is appreciably the better handling car of the two and the cheapest to buy, the fact that it’ll cost you more in the long term puts it at a disadvantage. True, the Porsche Macan will cost you more in daily expenses but, because its resale values are so high, you’ll be financially in a better position when you come to buy your next car.

Yes, the BMW has a longer, manufacturer-based warranty of three years and unlimited mileage, but the Macan isn’t an unreliable car, according to our What Car? Reliability survey, and as long as you get one with full service history, you should have few issues with it. Overall, it’s the Macan that is the better package, which is why it wins this test.  

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