New G-Wiz details announced

  • New lithium-ion battery
  • Range of up to 75 miles
  • Priced from 15,795
Words ByWhat Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

GoinGreen, the UK retailer for Reva G-Wiz electric cars, has announced details of the new G-Wiz L-ion.

The new model which is available to order now uses a lithium-ion battery, which brings a number of improvements over the current lead-acid battery-powered G-Wiz i model.

As well as being lighter, the new battery gives a maximum range of 75 miles rather than the current 48 miles. It also cuts charging time from eight to six hours and comes with a three-year warranty.

GoinGreen says that the new battery is not as susceptible to weather changes as the lead-acid battery and is also expected to have a longer lifespan.

Prices for the L-ion start at 15,795, compared with 7995 for the current model.

Owners of the G-Wiz i have the option of upgrading to the new technology, but GoinGreen hasn't yet confirmed the costs involved.

As with the existing model, the new G-Wiz L-ion is exempt from VED and the London Congestion Charge. It will be in group 1 for insurance.