New Hyundai i30N vs Honda Civic Type R

Hyundai has gone all out to make its first hot hatch a corker. But standing in the way of the Hyundai i30N is the brilliant Honda Civic Type R...

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30 Dec 2016 08:00

Infotainment systems

Honda Civic Type R

New Hyundai i30N vs Honda Civic Type R

The fly in the Type R’s ointment is its shonky infotainment system. Looking at the Ceefax graphics is like travelling back to the 1980s, but it’s the small icons littered throughout the haphazardly arranged menus that make it baffling to operate. And that’s before you encounter the long pauses between pressing a button and something actually happening. You don’t get in-built sat-nav, either, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

Hyundai i30N

New Hyundai i30N vs Honda Civic Type R

Hyundai’s infotainment may not be class-leading, but it’s far better than Honda’s. Not only is it packed with features (sat-nav, smartphone mirroring, wireless phone charging, live weather and traffic reports), but it’s also intuitive and simple to use, with helpful physical shortcut buttons and large on-screen icons. Like the Civic, it has special sporty gizmos, such as a lap timer, g-meter and real-time engine readouts for boost pressure and so on.

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