New Hyundai i30N vs used Renault Megane RS: which is best?

A new Hyundai i30N is a great alternative to more expensive hot-hatch rivals, but can it fend off a used Megane RS for less money?...

Renault Megane RS driving

New Hyundai i30N vs used Renault Megane RS – alternatives

If you are prepared to go for something smaller, then the Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition would be worth considering. However, we’d suggest you spend a bit more and go for the Honda Civic Type R. It’s our reigning Hot Hatch champion because it is hugely practical, a riot to drive and blisteringly quick.

New Hyundai i30N vs used Renault Megane RS: which is best?

Most versions of the old generation 1 Series didn’t have the power to really test the limits of its rear-wheel drive chassis, but the 335bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder BMW M140i certainly does. In fact, it can be a bit lairy in slippery conditions, although many would argue that this is part of the character of this car. There are plenty to choose from on the used market with below average mileage for less money than our Megane RS.

New Hyundai i30N vs used Renault Megane RS – which is best?

If you were to discount its driving section, it would be a narrow victory for the i30N because of its practicality, strong equipment levels and brand reliability. It would be by far the most sensible everyday proposition of the two, and would serve a family well.

Trouble is, a hot hatch is predominantly about how it makes you feel behind the wheel and whether or not it excites you, and it is the Megane RS that fulfils that brief the best. You won’t fail to get out of it without a smile, even if you’d undertaken the most mundane of drives.

New Hyundai i30N vs used Renault Megane RS: which is best?

So, while it may have seemed like a battle between these two hot hatches was a pointless exercise, in reality, there are significant enough differences between the two to seal a victory in favour of the Renault Megane RS. Plus, you’ve got a significant chunk of change left over to enjoy a track day. Or two. 

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