New Lexus RX L & Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q7

Not much can beat a luxury SUV for versatility. But can anything beat the class-leading Audi Q7? Newcomers from Lexus and Volkswagen are here to help us find out...

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30 October 2018

Infotainment systems

Audi Q7

New Lexus RX L & Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q7

Audi’s MMI system remains one of our favourites. The display is big enough, with crisp graphics and easy-to-navigate menus, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring are standard. It’s also a doddle to use on the move, thanks to the rotary controller that’s located between the front seats. Making things even easier is a touch-sensitive pad that can recognise handwriting, plus physical shortcut buttons for hopping straight to your required screen.

Lexus RX L

New Lexus RX L & Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q7

The RX gets off to a good start with a large screen that dwarfs the Q7’s and is mounted at a convenient height. But instead of a rotary dial controller or a touchscreen, the RX has a bizarre joystick that is infuriatingly fiddly to use, even when you’re stationary. To make matters worse, the graphics are looking a bit dated and there’s no support for either Android or Apple smartphone mirroring. At least you get a thumping Mark Levinson stereo as standard with Premier trim.

New Lexus RX L & Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q7

The Touareg’s monster 15.0in touchscreen dwarfs the other systems here. But while its graphics are sharp and it proves responsive to commands, some of the menus are needlessly confusing and many icons are too small to hit on the move. At least the home screen is configurable, so your favourites are easily accessed. While you’ll appreciate it being heavily angled towards you if you’re driving, it’s trickier for the passenger to operate.

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