Other family cars - part 2

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Other family cars - part 2

Here's how other family cars rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

8= Ford Mondeo
Satisfaction rating 80.0%
Overall 50th=
Ford Mondeo review

The Ford Mondeo drops a place in this year's JD Power Satisfaction survey. If Ford wants to improve the cars standing it should look squarely at its servicing departments (the Mondeo's scores in this section were consistently below the class average) and the cars instrumentation.

8= Mazda 6
Satisfaction rating 80.0%
Overall 50th=
Mazda 6 review

Its been a bad year for the 6, having dropped places to eighth-equal. High fuel bills contributed to the Mazdas descent, as did the poor service experience. On the plus side, the cars interior quality gave owners little cause for complaint.

Sinner: Vauxhall Insignia
10 Vauxhall Insignia
Satisfaction rating 78.8%
Overall 69th=
Vauxhall Insignia review

Vauxhall wont be happy with this years results. The Insignia is languishing in the bottom third of the table. There were a number of niggles about the quality of the interior, and perhaps Vauxhall should have spent more time on the design
of the Insignias audio controls, because this area took a lot of criticism from owners. It wasnt all complaints though: the styling has a lot of admirers. Nonetheless, we expected a better performance from a car thats a relative newcomer to the class. 11 Citron C5
Satisfaction rating 78.7%
Overall 72nd=
Citroen C5 review

The C5 has slipped two places this year. Cars were plagued by engine warning light problems and owners werent pleased with insurance and service costs. On the upside, C5 owners loved the way their cars drove and stopped.

12 Renault Laguna
Satisfaction rating 76.7%
Overall 93rd
Renault Laguna review

The service experience did little to enamour drivers, and they gave the Laguna the lowest score in the class for cost of repairs. The good news is that while owners were quick to complain, few issues concerned the engine.

13 Vauxhall Vectra
Satisfaction rating 75.4%
Overall 103rd
Vauxhall Vectra review

Unlucky 13 for the Vectra. Vauxhalls family car slumps to last in this class, from 10th in 2010. The Vectras all-round appeal was considered poor, and even though buyers were more impressed with servicing, its score there was still below the class average.