Pensioner rolls into Porsche showroom

* 93-year-old endures first crash in 76 years * Rolls Fiesta into Porsche dealership * Walks away unharmed and quits driving...

Pensioner rolls into Porsche showroom

A pensioner has endured a spectacular first accident in 76 years of motoring, causing 60,000 of damage when he rolled his Ford Fiesta into the front of a Porsche showroom.

Jack Higgs, 93, a former minister, was uninjured when his Ford Fiesta hit a Porsche 911 then flipped over onto another one outside a showroom in Penarth, near Cardiff.

Both Porsches are privately owned and were at the garage for repairs. One is a write-off and the other will need extensive repairs. Higgs' 600 Fiesta was also a write-off, taking the total bill for damage to 60,000, which will be met by Higgs' insurers.

'I've been driving since I was 17, have a clean licence and have never even picked up so much as a parking ticket,' Higgs told the BBC.

'I just don't know what happened, except that I lost control as I was reversing and suddenly I had hit the cars.

'The next thing I knew I was hanging upside down in my car and thanking my lucky stars I was still alive.

'It was a miracle I got out alive and I put it down to the power of prayer and God looking after me.'

Porsche dealer Dave Coombs said: 'He managed to get himself free and walked out without a scratch. But the Porsches were a real mess.

'There was glass and bits of broken metal everywhere - but Jack is such a gentleman he asked for a sweeping brush to help clear them up.

'I'm not too concerned about the cars - what matters is that Jack survived which, is incredible considering his great age.'

Higgs, who lives next door to the showroom, has decided to quit driving.