Silver worlds most popular car colour

* Silver is the worlds most popular car colour, according to DuPont * Black is second choice, and most popular colour in Europe * White and grey are tied in third place globally, with red f...

Silver worlds most popular car colour

Silver and black are the worlds most popular colours for cars, according to research from paint manufacturer DuPont.

According to the companys 58th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, silver is the worlds most popular colour, taking 26% of the market, with black just two points behind. White and Grey are tied in third place, with 16% each.

The report takes into account regional trends from 11 of the worlds leading automotive regions of the world, including for the first time in 2010, trends from South Africa.

The full top 10 is:
1. Silver 26%
2. Black/Black Effect 24%
3=. White/White Pearl and Grey 16%
5. Red 6%
6. Blue 5%
7. Brown/Beige 3%
8. Green 2%
9. Yellow/Gold 1%
10. Others

DuPont says that, with silver, black and white all neutrals vying for the top three spots in most regions, grey has increased in popularity and is gaining in interest among car-buyers in many regions.

Both silver and black/black effect saw a 1% gain in popularity in the 2010 report, with white unchanged since last year. Grey increased in popularity by three percentage points, and although red and blue remain popular in some markets, both have fallen three points since last year. DuPont analysts continue to see a trend toward brown and beige increasing in popularity as well.

Europe doesnt exactly follow the global example. Here, black is the most popular colour, with grey and silver in second and third places respectively. However, in the MPV market, grey is the most popular choice.