Superminis and city cars

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Superminis and city cars

Best value
Kia Rio 1.25 1 Air 5dr
Price 11,395
Target Price: 10,495
Depreciation 5220
Resale value 5275
True MPG: 46.4
Three-year cost: 11,796
In the past, you bought a small Kia only because it cost next to nothing. Things are different now. The latest Kia Rio offers all the qualities supermini buyers expect, while still undercutting key rivals on price.

Our favourite Rio model will set you back less than 10,500 after discounts. On top of that, it holds its value well and is cheap to run.

A seven-year warranty adds to the Rio's appeal, while standard equipment on the 1 Air includes six airbags, stability control, Bluetooth and air-conditioning.

The Rio is also one of the most practical cars in the class; it has more than enough space for four six-footers, and has a large boot, while the cabin is smartly styled, solidly built and well laid out.

True, the Rio doesn't feel quite as sharp or agile as a Ford Fiesta, but it does offer impressive high-speed stability and handling that's safe and predictable. Even the tiny 1.25-litre engine performs pretty well if you're prepared to rev it.

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Hyundai i10 1.2 Classic
Price 8345
Target Price: 6995
Depreciation 3170
Resale value 3825
True MPG: 54.3
Three-year cost: 10,031
Anyone after a bargain will find it hard to look past the Hyundai i10. Five doors make it a practical choice, and even the entry-level Classic comes with air-conditioning, four airbags and an iPod socket.

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Volkswagen Up 1.0 75 High Up 3dr
Price 10,515
Target Price: 10,515
Depreciation 4940
Resale value 5575
True MPG: 47.1
Three-year cost: 11,161
The Volkswagen Up is happy everywhere, not just in the city. Interior quality adds to the feeling of a lot of car for the money, as does standard equipment on our favourite High Up; even sat-nav is included.

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Seat Ibiza 1.2 S A/C 3dr
Price 10,930
Target Price: 8995
Depreciation 3745
Resale value 5250
True MPG: 35.5
Three-year cost: 11,758
The Seat Ibiza uses VW Polo mechanicals and technology, but not the VW badge, so it's cheaper. Running costs and equipment are just as competitive. Ride and handling are composed, and it looks good.

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Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport 3dr
Price 15,890
Target Price: 15,166
Depreciation 8450
Resale value 6716
True MPG: 46.9
Three-year cost: 13,936
Plenty of superminis undercut the A1, but value is about more than what you pay the dealer. Audi's baby will be worth more than any rivals at resale time. What's more, it feels like a real premium car.

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