The 10 fastest-depreciating electric cars

Choosing an electric car can slash your running costs, but some models will still make you feel the pinch because of how much value they lose – these are the worst offenders...

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With their low running costs and eco-friendly credentials, electric cars are attracting more and more buyers. In fact, according to industry figures, sales are up by more than 34% so far in 2023, with more than 250,000 examples leaving showrooms.

However, while some electric cars can prove to be real stalwarts when it comes to holding their value (as our list of the slowest-depreciating electric cars shows), others don't perform so well.

Here, we use our residual value data to reveal the 10 models that lose the biggest percentage of their original price during the first three years of ownership. All our figures are based on what you can expect for a trade-in that's covered 36,000 miles.

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