The best used cars

Wondering which used car to buy? Wonder no more, because we've researched, collated and explained which are the best used cars in every class – and they're all right here...

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Alex Robbins
13 Jul 2016 06:00
The best used cars

Fortunately, buying used doesn’t mean you have to go without mod cons or leather-lined luxury. The best used luxury cars deliver exceptional comfort, a surfeit of space, and a wealth of equipment. But a used luxury car needn’t cost the earth – with high depreciation common in this class, you might be able to have such finery for less than you think.Read the guide >

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The best used convertibles

The best used cars

There are few more glamorous ways of getting around than a convertible, and with modern drop-tops providing plenty of insulation against the elements with their hoods up, they no longer represent a compromise. You don’t even have to be rich to own one – on the used car market, there’s a convertible for everyone.Read the guide >

The best used cars

If you don’t want the usual saloon or hatchback, a coupe provides a stylish alternative. The best used coupes provide suave looks, smart interiors and slick driving experiences, and while they can’t match the versatility of more practical cars, the very best feature usable rear seats and enough luggage space for all your day-to-day needs. Read the guide >

The best used hot hatches

The best used cars

The best used hot hatches combine power and performance with practicality, making them the perfect cars for those who need space for the family, but want something exciting to drive. To take the top places here, hot hatches will also have to throw in comfort and quality to boot.Read the guide >

The best used cars