Want even more power?

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Want even more power?

If your standard Abarth 500 isn't enough for you, you've got 12 months to decide to upgrade to the Esseesse (pronounced essay, essay) version.

Most buyers will probably opt for this at delivery but, either way, it arrives at your dealer with new wheels and tyres, an uprated air filter plus new brakes and springs. It'll cost you 2500.

With some remapping of the engine management system, power goes up to 160bhp meaning the Esseesse will knock half a second off the 0-62mph (down to 7.4secs), while top speed goes up to 131mph. Economy and CO2 figures stay the same, though.

It feels much quicker, too. The ride is even stiffer than before, but grip is even better.

If you've opted for Fiat's Blue&Me' navigation system, the Esseesse allows you to insert a memory card with data from racetracks on it, to show you your exact position on the track and keep a record of your lap times very F1!

You also get to keep the rather handsome wooden box that the Esseesse kit turns up in. Your dealer should fill it with the stuff he takes off of your standard Abarth 500, but you're not going to be able to get it home in your car.

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