The 19 cars with the biggest boots - our unique test reveals the real answer

What Car?'s unique way of measuring boot space reveals the cars that really have the biggest cargo areas...

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25 January 2019

How big is the boot

Boot space is a priority for many car buyers. If a car simply doesn’t have enough the room to handle all of your kit, then it’s instantly struck from the shortlist.  

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the cars with the biggest boots on sale today, using our own unique method of measuring the available space.

All manufacturers list boot sizes by litres, but that includes the nooks and crannies of a boot that are – in reality – very hard to make use of.

Instead, our independent test team uses carry-on suitcases to realistically assess each car’s cargo capacity. The more suitcases we can fit in the boot, the better the car for buyers who need to transport big loads.

Every car on our list can carry between nine and 11 suitcases, making them the most spacious models on sale today.

12= Audi A6 - 9 suitcases

Audi A6 boot

It may not be an SUV but the Audi A6 has a large enough boot to put it among much bigger competition. The luxury car can swallow nine suitcases, which is enough to outdo all of its direct competitors except the Mercedes E-Class, which it matches. Build quality is superb and the interior is lovely, too.

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12= Audi Q5 - 9 suitcases

Audi Q5

If a Q7 is too large and expensive then the Audi Q5 offers much of the same in a more compact package. It’s still classed as a large SUV but has five seats instead of its larger equivalent’s seven, and you can fit nine suitcases in the boot. A top-notch interior and lower running costs than the Q7 also work in its favour.   

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12= BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo - 9 suitcases

New Audi A7 Sportback & Mercedes-Benz CLS vs BMW 6 Series GT

The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo sits between the 5 Series and 7 Series luxury saloons, but its sleek, hatchback-style tailgate makes it more practical, and it’s possible to fit nine suitcases in the boot. It’s only just shorter than the 7 Series, but based on the 5, which is an excellent all-rounder.

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12= BMW X6 - 9 suitcases


Designed as a sleeker version of the X5, the BMW X6 has a sloping roofline, which gives it the appearance of a huge coupe, rather than a traditional SUV. You’d think that styling feature would seriously hamper its practicality, but it didn’t stop our test team from fitting nine suitcases in the boot.

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