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2019 Tesla Model 3 verdict

The Tesla Model 3 is the electric car maker's most affordable offering yet. And while this BMW 3 Series rival won't go on sale in the UK until next year, we've been to the US for an early drive

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Tesla Model 3 side

Tesla wants owning a Model 3 to be a practical and convenient experience. To ensure this, it is investing heavily in charging technology in all major markets, including the UK.

Like any Tesla, the Model 3 can be charged at one of the brand's Superchargers or plugged into a slower end-of-destination charger that can be installed at places such as your home or work. Where it differs from the Model S, though, is that Model 3 owners won't have free access to the network, and it's not clear yet what Tesla's pricing structure will be.

Getting this right will be cruicial. But if Tesla does the Model 3 will be one of the best electric cars on sale and a genuine alternative to petrol and diesel rivals.

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New electric cars coming soon

While electric cars remain comparatively rare, demand is growing fast, and it's not just Tesla that's hoping to satisy it. Here we look at the upcoming electric models push the boundaries of performance, range and desirability.

Audi E-Tron quattro

On sale: September

If you want a luxurious fully electric car, then a Tesla is really your only option at the moment. But Audi will change that when it launches its E-tron quattro SUV, complete with a range between charges of more than 310 miles.

Audi's sales and marketing boss, Dietmar Voggenreiter, has confirmed that the E-tron quattro will be sized between the Q5 and Q7, but closer to the Q5, and that it will closely resemble the E-tron concept (pictured) of the 2015 Frankfurt motor show.

Audi E-tron Sportback

On sale: 2019

A second Audi electric car will follow in 2019, with this based on the E-tron Sportback concept from last year's Shanghai motor show. A similar size to today's Audi A7, it has the same sort of sleek, coupΓ©-like roofline.

Where the E-tron Sportback differs from the A7 is that it has the raised driving position and aggressive detailing that have helped make SUVs so popular. Power comes from three electric motors which produce a combined 496bhp and get the car from 0-62mph in just 4.5sec.

Jaguar I-Pace

On sale: Summer

Audi isn't the only established prestige brand looking to break into the electric car market – Jaguar will also introduce its fully-electric I-Pace SUV in 2018. This has a motor on each axle, making it four-wheel drive, and a 395bhp output, which allows it to accelerate from 0-60mph in around 4.0sec.

The I-Pace can also be charged in just over two hours from a standard charging point, or to 80% of capacity in 90 minutes, while its driving range is about the same as the E-tron quattro's.

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