2021 Skoda Fabia small car revealed: price, specs and release date

Bolder looks and more tech, but still very temptingly priced, here's everything you need to know about the all-new, 2021 Skoda Fabia...

2021 Skoda Fabia front

On sale Autumn 2021 | Price from £15,500 (est)

The Borrowers family film showed millions of us that size doesn’t matter and that small can still be mighty – and clearly someone in the car world was listening, because two years later the Skoda Fabia was born.

You might imagine that a young car designer had seen the movie and taken its message to heart because the Fabia offered big-car space in a small package, and all at a price that’s sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Indeed, the first-generation model was our overall Car of the Year in 2000, and the third-generation car took top honours again in 2015. What does that mean for this new, fourth-generation car, then? Well, put simply, expectations couldn’t be higher.

2021 Skoda Fabia rear

2021 Skoda Fabia space and practicality

Just like a teenager, the Fabia has experienced a growth spurt and is now significantly longer and wider than its predecessor. It sits on all-new underpinnings designed to provide even more space inside for people and luggage. And that’s worked, because the Fabia’s 380-litre boot comfortably outmatches the big-selling Ford Fiesta, as well as key rivals including the Seat Ibiza and class-leading Honda Jazz.

As before, the rear seats can split and fold to create a more cavernous space should you need it, and the rest of the Fabia’s interior looks to be a cut above the old model in both perceived quality and technology.

2021 Skoda Fabia interior

2021 Skoda Fabia interior and technology

There’s the option of a new 10.25in digital instrument cluster inside, and that can put the most useful information, such as the sat-nav map, directly in front of you. As standard, though, you’ll get analogue dials and a 3.5in information screen.

The standard-fit infotainment touchscreen measures 6.5in and offers a DAB radio and four speakers. If you upgrade to the Bolero system, the screen size grows to 8.0in and you get Bluetooth connectivity and two additional speakers in the rear doors. You can also connect your phone to it wirelessly using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The range-topping Amundsen system features a 9.2in touchscreen with wifi and gesture controls. There are five USB ports in the Fabia so everyone will be able to charge up their devices (one of the ports is just behind the rear-view mirror so it can be used to power a dashboard camera).

A heated steering wheel and heated windscreen are available as options on the Fabia for the first time, as is dual-zone climate control, which can be controlled through separate dials and knobs on the centre console.

Skoda Fabia rear seats

2021 Skoda Fabia engines

In a move which goes against the grain, there are no electrification options at the moment. Instead, buyers can choose from five petrol engines, with two entry-level 1.0-litre three-cylinder options producing 64bhp and 79bhp respectively.

Next up is a turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine with 94bhp, which is likely to become the most popular option, plus there’s a more powerful 109bhp variant. At the top of the range sits a four-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol with 148bhp. There won’t be a sporty Fabia vRS hot hatchback.

Gearbox choices are five and six-speed manuals and a seven-speed automatic, depending on your engine choice. Fuel economy ranges from 50.4-56.5mpg, while C02 emissions range from 114-142g/km according to official tests. Small slats in the car’s front bumper close at higher speeds to improve the aerodynamics and your fuel economy.

Skoda Fabia boot

2021 Skoda Fabia equipment and safety

Buyers can choose from S, SE and SE L trim levels, with sporty Monte Carlo versions arriving later. There are nine paint colours to choose from, and alloy wheels ranging from 15in to 18in in diameter.

Safety and assistance kit includes a new Travel Assist system, which combines adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance to help reduce the stress of motorway travel. Other features include a blind-spot monitoring system, automatic emergency braking (AEB), which can recognise pedestrians and cyclists, and a self-parking system.

Other features designed to make your life easier include a holder for pens and parking tickets in the centre console, a removable cup-holder between the front seats, and an extra storage pocket designed to hold your coat under the boot cover.

2021 Skoda Fabia side

2021 Skoda Fabia price

Although Skoda’s small car has grown substantially, its price won’t. In fact, this Fabia is likely to start at around £15,500, which is a Borrower-sized increase on the old model, and means the Fabia will still cost you less than all its key rivals. If you’re yearning for a version with even more space, you can bet that there’s a capacious new Fabia Estate waiting in the wings.

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