Audi A4 vs BMW 5 Series vs Volvo S90

The all-new Volvo S90 executive saloon and a small but potent Audi A4 take on the mighty BMW 5 Series

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BMW 5 Series

What will they cost?

These cars are mainly run by company car drivers, and there isn’t a huge difference in their company car tax costs. The Volvo S90 emits the most CO2, so it costs the most, but only by Β£6 a month more than the Audi A4 and Β£10 more than the BMW 5 Series.

The S90’s lower list price may appeal to private buyers. However, if you factor in dealer discounts, depreciation and real-world fuel economy, it actually ends up being the dearest after three years.

The 5 Series offers the cheapest monthly PCP leasing payments. Put down a Β£7000 deposit on a three-year deal and you’ll pay back Β£299 a month, compared with Β£337 for the Audi and Β£389 for the Volvo. All of these deals are for 12,000 miles a year and you’ll have to pay a big β€˜balloon’ payment at the end if you want to own the car outright.

Start to look at what you get for your money however, and the S90 claws back some ground. All three cars come with sat-nav, a DAB radio, climate control and cruise control, but the S90 has semi-autonomous Pilot Assist technology that regulates the car’s speed and assists with the steering on motorways.

On top of that you get powerful LED headlights with high-beam assist, which automatically activates main beam when necessary, instead of the xenon lights fitted to the A4 and 5 Series.

Both German cars have front and rear parking sensors though, while the S90 has only rears. Like the 5 Series, the S90 has leather seats, which Audi charges Β£850 for. The S90 and the A4 both come with automatic emergency braking.

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